Asset Management

Asset management means our manager buys and sells funds that best suit your personal investing needs. From our experience, our clients have the most success with investing when they have an outside manager buy and sell funds for them.

Most people that do not work in personal finance do not have time to study the market day after day and make informed decisions. Moreover, many non-professionals that try to invest themselves will buy and sell things based on what they see on TV, a magazine, or the Internet. They do not know who to listen to, and may make emotional, poorly informed decisions.

On the other hand, clients that use an  outside manager to manage their investments for them do not have to worry about making trades and buying and selling stocks and bonds. Instead, the clients can focus on what they need to be doing: putting money in the account on a monthly basis and talking to their investment professional when they have a question or concern.

In short, we manage money for clients so they do not have to.

Management Fees

We charge a .5% - 1% yearly fee for active asset management. We do not accept commissions and do not sell Class A, B, or C mutual funds which can charge up to a 6% commission. Many other asset management companies claim to charge very little or no fees. They can do this by selling Class A, B, or C mutual funds (which do not charge a yearly "fee", but do charge up to a 6% commission), and/or offering very little service to their clients. It is easy to offer a low-priced package if you offer lower service. We offer a very high level of service regardless of asset-level.  Our fee schedule for these services is listed here.

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